Retained Search

The Process:
Client provides all necessary recruiting information requested by MES (Minimum qualifications, job description, company selling point, benefits, etc.)

The Result:
We will provide a full service outsource recruiting solution (i.e. contract for, manage, and pay all expenses for recruiting services).

We Will:
Assign a dedicated Senior Recruiter to work for you.
Create a staffing plan tailored to your needs.
Systematically target the best candidates for your positions.
Deliver numerous, highly qualified candidates for you to interview.
Manage scheduling and appointments.
Track progress and results.
Ensure the right amount of emphasis is placed on the right tasks.
Extend the offers.
Close the deals.
Retain and reuse knowledge about your business for the next hire.

1/3 of the candidates first year's compensation to start the search, 1/3 of the candidates first year's compensation after 3 resumes have been submitted, and 1/3 of the candidates first year's compensation on date of hire. This will total 25% of the candidates first year's compensation. This is per position, and is the preferred method of working.

Contingency Search

The Progress:
Client provides the following:
•a list of target companies and department names (if known)
•a list of prospective candidate titles that you want identified for the specific position
•a job description, which details: job title(s), job responsibilities, education "must have", experience "must have", preferred qualification and salary range.

The Result:
We will analyze the job description and conduct preliminary competitive intelligence research to develop a strategy that includes a list of other relevant companies to recruit from. (In addition to Clients target companies).

Next, we will review the selected companies with you to determine which ones you want recruiting from. The objective is to ensure that these companies will yield interested candidates (this may depend on factors such as technology, focus, reorganization, market shifts, company stock prices and industry acquisitions).

10% of the projected fee for the candidates' first year's compensation is required to initiate the search. The full payment of the remaining fee of the candidates' first year's compensation is due within 30 days of the candidate being placed.

On-Site Recruiting

Develop Position Profile

•Determine the most important, specific, tangible results needed from the key individual, and the performance measurement criteria that will determine if the person has been successful in producing the essential results.
•Identify the values, beliefs and character traits the successful candidate must possess to succeed in producing the desired outcomes, and to fit in the company's culture.
•Define the reporting relationship, career development potential, compensation details, and other important issues essential to properly profiling the position.
•Identify the skills, and experience required to accomplish the critical results

Finding and Evaluating Candidates According to Position Profile
•Target specific companies with size, scope and focus appropriate to the search. Screen targeted individuals for basic qualifications, level of interest and motivation.
•Behavioral interviews to determine the candidate's specific ability to produce the essential results.
•Examine the person's values, beliefs, goals, priorities, motivation, work style, etc. to find areas of congruence or disagreement with the company's needs.
•Assist employer to conduct a performance based interview, including providing structured questions and in-house training if necessary.
•Validate ability, background, experience and character through reference checks.

Closing the Candidate
•Provide expert, objective assistance in defining the candidate's requirements and structuring the final offer. Extend offer to candidate.
•Facilitate in-bound transition of successful candidate to your company through consultation during the resignation and relocation process.
•Clarify, refine and achieve alignment on the expectations of the employer and the new executive, to ensure early success in the new position.

Cost: $120.00 per hour

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